Daily Archives: December 12, 2011

New T.I. Mixtape ‘F**kdacityup’ To Drop New Years Day

T.I. announced via his Twitter today that his next mixtape #Fuckdacityup is going to drop New Years day. Breaking News! Its official…I’m puttin out a mixtape midnight Jan.1 2012 called #Fuckdacityup Wanna be the 1st thing yall hear nxt year. When da ball drop…We drop!!!! Out wit da old,in wit da TRUE!!!! Atown…. Weeee Baaaaaack!!!!! RR

Metallica- ‘Beyond Magnetic’ EP

I know we usually don’t post stuff like this on the site, but I figured hey why not, its a good change of pace from the same old. And whether you like the music or not, Metallica has proved time and time again that they are a talented band and deserve the recognition. Here’s what…