Daily Archives: December 26, 2011

Squadda B-Back Sellin Crack

Main Attrakionz and the rest of their Green Hova crew have made a name for themselves this past year with their spacey production and breezy yet not devoid of emotion lyrics, now known as “Cloud Rap”. Just yesterday, while everyone was spending time with their family, the half of Main Attrakionz known as Sqaudda B…

Adventure Club Dubstep

“Chill Dubstep” is dubstep for the people that hate dubstep; it’s dubstep that still sounds like music and not just a conglomerate of loud bass. Adventure Club makes some of my favorite chill dubstep songs, especially since they remix a lot of indie and rock music, stuff that you’d never expect to be made into…

Frank Ocean – ’4 Tears’

Frank Ocean Released a new song through his tumblr and called it ‘4 Tears’. Bout time he released something. i just listened to this a few times for myself. figured maybe some else needed to hear it. it’s called ‘4 tears’. Download : Frank Ocean – ’4 Tears’