Amelia – Don’t You Worry Child (SHM Cover)

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 11.20.52 PM

Singer, actress, and high school student, Amelia Scaramucci covered the ever so popular radio hit “Don’t You Worry Child.” Amelia sings the chorus and short verse over a laid back piano and guitar instrumental thus highlighting her vocal range. Her remake of the the platinum single is refreshing and most definitely a good effort. Overall, her vocals are very impressive. Amelia used her canon camera to capture the visual and recorded the song with a Yeti mic in garageband. She then put together the video simply through iMovie proving that you don’t need a professional application to showcase your talent. It was the first time she had done something like this so it is not perfect. Hopefully this is the first of many song releases from the talented young artist.


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