Chief Keef Rant & New Lupe Fiasco Track

Chief Keef is a prime example of what is wrong in the music industry.  I am not saying that one has to have a lot of talent to be famous (see Lil B), but they at least have to have a level of maturity and professionalism.  Keef’s recent hype has been mostly based off of the fact that Kanye remixed his single “I Don’t Like.”  Keef thinks that he achieved this level of popularity by himself and won’t even acknowledge ‘Ye as the true reason to rise to fame.  But that isn’t the big problem here and I do understand that people may have been a fan of his music before Kanye.  The problem is that this immature kid is a voice in the music industry right now and even though he may be a small voice, he is still saying and doing all of the wrong things.

Chief Keef has a loyal following in Chi-Town.  I am not against others tastes in music, so I can’t bash Keef’s music fully based off my opinion, but what I can do is call out how childish he is. How can one laugh about the death of another person?  On September 4th, Joseph Coleman was shot and killed in Chicago while riding his bike.  Joseph also known as JoJo had ongoing beef with Chief Keef and members of Chief’s crew.  JoJo instigated a lot of the issues in the past through diss tracks and interactions, but the fact that he was killed last night doesn’t give Chief Keef or any of his friends the ability to joke or negatively talk about his death.  Maybe the incident was gang related or maybe Keef couldn’t take JoJo’s insults anymore.  But as of now Joseph’s murder remains unsolved.  Read what Keef had to say about the murder on Twitter below.

The real issue here is not only Keef’s disrespectful response, but is that he is still relevant and people respect him.  “Chicago has been having a very bad summer. Between the first day of June and the last day of August, 152 people were killed. Of those 152 murders, 38 were teenagers.” (via Complex) The murder rate alone frightens me and the idea that rappers like Chief Keef, Lil Reese, and King L are popular rising rap artists in Chi doesn’t help the situation.  All those artists grew up in this violent climate and that is reflected in through their music.  In the midst of all of the controversy and negative press written about Keef, fans still seem to favorite and rt his inappropriate responses and comments.  A fan even went as far as saying “Cheif Keef for president” today.  He is truly influential in his hometown yet can’t even hold an interview.

Obviously, violence is the larger and more widespread problem in Chicago, but Chief Keef’s actions, after having been signed to Interscope, also play a large role in the lives of his fellow Chicago natives.  Gang violence will always be present, but the current Chicago artists should at least attempt to use their music to help change the lifestyle of children born into the projects.

Even Lupe Fiasco, who spoke up about how Chief Keef “scares him” in an interview recently was degraded by Keef’s comments on twitter. Keef responded to Lupe’s recent comments about him by calling Lu a “hoe ass n—a.”

Lupe attempted to reach out to Chief Keef explaining how kids look up them, but Keef never even acknowledged him.




Lu later went on to make a comment about possibly retiring after this album.

Keef can make a difference in society by at least filtering what he is saying and staying away from gang related violence. I’m not saying he has to rap about positivity, he can stick to rapping about the sh*t “I Don’t Like.”  He just has to realized that even at the age of 17, he is influential.  As of today, I honestly believe Interscope should drop Chief Keef regardless of how he responds.  In the midst of many random tweets about life….Keef went on to say he was hacked tonight also.  I want to believe that, but if he was hacked he wouldn’t have deleted only certain tweets.  He would of gotten rid of the bulk of the negatively attributed tweets that “he” had posted.

On a positive note Lupe released a new track in the midst of the Chief Keef controversy   It may just be the last new offering we hear from the artist excluding his upcoming album.  I truly hope Lu does not retire as he is one of the most inspirational artists in the game.  He really touches people around the world through his music and actions.  Chief and Lupe are two totally different artists musically and I do understand that, but I just wished Chief showed a little more professionalism before blowing up to this extent.  Lu released “American Terrorist Pt 2” for his fans even though it is unfinished. Check it out below via illRoots.

  3 comments for “Chief Keef Rant & New Lupe Fiasco Track

  1. Rc
    September 6, 2012 at 1:58 AM

    This guy, chief Keef, is not meant to be a chief. He’s a fool. Not only does he disrespect an artist so many stages higher than him, but he doesn’t even apologize after Lupe responds to keefs insult with a shower of kindness. I believe it’s people like chief keef that are poisoning the minds of today’s kids.. Lupe was trying to break this chain of negativity but there’s just so many fools.. Hope and pray lupe doesn’t retire. The world needs his genius music.

    • Chris Weber
      January 8, 2013 at 7:24 PM

      if Lupe retires i will have lost all hope in music. its Lupe’s rhymes and metaphors that keep me focused, without that in music, what is there?

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