Childish Gambino/Grouplove Northwestern Concert Review


I apologize that I’m a little late in actually posting this, but I’ve had a lot of homework (NOTE: I’m debunking the myth that high school is easier than college… It’s not). But since I realized that’s never going to change, I’m taking a momentary break from studying to post this review.

On October 11th, Childish Gambino headlined the A&O Fall Blowout at Northwestern University. LA indie-pop outfit Grouplove opened around 8:30ish, playing a mix of older and newer material. While many of the audience was unfamiliar with the majority of Grouplove’s material, I happen to be a fan of their first album. I will confess that I thought the tracks I didn’t recognize (which I assumed were from their new album, Spreading Rumours) were noticeably weaker, but overall I was quite pleased with Grouplove’s set.

Childish took the stage around 10:00. I’d been to see Childish at Central Park before so I knew Northwestern was in for a treat, and 11 days later I still can’t find a soul on campus who was disappointed. He played most of the favorites, leading the crowd through a rowdy rendition of “Freaks and Geeks,” and even played a few tracks off of old-school mixtapes like Cul-de-Sac. He even played a slightly altered live version of the Jamie xx remix to “Rolling in the Deep” that he drops a stellar verse on (I was pretty sad that I didn’t get to see this live in Central Park so I was mad stoked to see it this time around).

And then he hushed the crowd and told us how he wanted to release his new record in December, and how his label wasn’t sure they wanted him to. He asked us to listen to a sample of a new cut he’d been working on and to let him know how we felt. I’ll let you readers check out the video I’m about to post below to get the idea; I’ll just say the crowd went wild. He played a few more tracks before closing with an energized “Lights Turned On.” Check out the videos below, and make sure to check out Spreading Rumours and keep your ears ready for Because the Internet in December!!

“Itchin’ on a Photograph” – Grouplove

*NEW SONG* – Childish Gambino

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