Common- Finding Forever

Common/ Common Sense, for those of you who do know who he is and appreciate his work I commend you.  People might have this image of him being soft which is all wrong, he preaches love, talks about societies ills and isn’t afraid to show and preach love and a voice like that is very important. Plus there’s nothing more real than having the guts to be yourself all the way, at the same time he got hardcore lyrics too and he’s a pretty big guy and I’m sure he wouldn’t hesitate to knock a sucker out trying to come at him.(just look at his part in wanted… the movie sucked my carpet munching pet mosquito but he’s the man either way.) I think Common is a lyrical genius, along with Earl Sweatshirt and various other rappers I am to unveil to you suckers.

I’m not even gonna post a track list or give you a preview of any songs. Just download the thing and you’ll like it. GUARANTEED.

(take that lil b and soulja boy.)

Download: Finding Forever- Common

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