Concert Review: Walk The Moon at the Music Hall of Williamsburg ~ 1/25/13

This is a guest post by Emily Sears:



I was lucky enough to win tickets to see Walk The Moon at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn this past Friday. Walk The Moon is an indie rock/pop band similar to Youngblood Hawke, Neon Trees, and Atlas Genius. After the opener Pacific Air, the intimate night began- the whole show was a dance party filled with lively synths and guitar riffs. Front man Nicholas Petricca lifted the crowd with The Liftaway from their self-released I Want! I Want! album. The band went on to play upbeat hits Quesadilla, Next In Line, and Shiver Shiver from their self-titled album. The crowd really got into it once they sang Tete-A-Tete, a new song from their Tightrope EP, released last week. Tete-A-Tete, Drunk In The Woods (which they sang in the encore), and anywayican along with a cover of Burning Down The House by Talking Heads, all begin to exhibit the slightly rougher vocals of Petricca. I would recommend this EP, as all the songs will definitely get stuck in your head and prove that there is much more high quality material to come from WTM. Read more and see pictures from the show after the jump.

Back to the concert. WTM gave us a preview of Tiger Teeth, a new song to be released on their upcoming album. Things calmed down a bit when they showcased their great harmonizing skills in Iscariot. The crowd took out their lighters (or phones) and crooned to the vocals of baseman Kevin Ray, guitarist Eli Maiman, and drummer Sean Waugaman as they joined in with Petricca. The young, vivacious, face painted crowd started right back up with Fixin’, Jenny, and their hit, Anna Sun. You could feel the floor bouncing with each verse. Everyone in the crowd jumped and sang along with Anna Sun, which was named after Petricca’s college professor…and makes you want to frolic in a field like they do in the music video.

Their entire performance makes you feel like a kid again, which is the aim of their music. This is shown by the fact that they have face paint for you to put on when you walk in and by the fact that during their encore, I Can Lift a Car, they told everyone “Throw you worries away, break out from anything that’s holding you back and believe that you have the strength to do anything”. I was lucky enough to be right up against the stage the entire show, and toward the end had my 15 seconds of fame when I jumped on stage after some others started to, and danced with the band until security kicked us off. I also held Nick’s hand and was close enough to touch Kevin Ray’s base. Overall, the show was an unforgettable experience, their music is so energetic, all of the members are not afraid to show they are having fun on stage (Kevin Ray literally smiled like he won the lottery every time he sang) Walk The Moon’s mantra is to “maintain that little bit of being a kid” which they most definitely did…they rattled this ghost town, they rattled this scene.

walk the moon

walk the moon 5

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walk the moon nyc


(Photos taken by Emily Sears)

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