Exclusive: WahMaze Q&A and New Remix Pack

WahMaze is back with another mixtape entitled Fast Ass Remix Pack, this time taking on Dirty South x Thomas Gold’s “Alive“,  Eva Simmon’s “I Don’t Like You“, Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake“, Knife Party’s “Internet Friends” in rewind,  Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been“, SHM’s “Don’t You Worry Child“, and lastly Ne-Yo’s “Let Me Love You.”  WahMaze also delivered three original mixes on this new project.  Read what the young DJ had to say about his new remix pack below.

My New Remix Pack comes as I have so many damn remixes (22 of them) that cant stay in my library anymore and I feel it is time for them to get out there on the market. My first Party Pack did extremely well with over 7,000 downloads, so why not drop another one?! This one has double the songs. This Remix Pack has an eclectic variety ranging from your basic progressive house forms to complex electro and a little bit of dub step. I hope everyone enjoys it.

The upcoming producer also answered a few questions that you can read below. The direct download links are all provided exclusively via YesGoodMusic, LLC beneath the Q&A.  You can download Wahmaze’s new project in its entirety or stream and download your favorite specific tracks.  Enjoy!

Download: Wahmaze- Fat Ass Remix Pack.zip

1.) What has been your favorite original mix that you’ve produced thus far? Tell us about the recording process of that original track.

I have so many original mixes its actually getting out of hand, i’ve been waiting so long, but I am going to finally start releasing a bunch of them. I just checked my Logic folder, I have 14 original mixes. Some of them i have already sent out to labels and others will be released for free download. My idea for my originals stem from everyday sounds and music. I draw from classical music such as Beethoven’s 5th (I am not kidding, listen to the 4th movement and listen to the first theme and you will understand what i am talking about) to present day Hip Hop. Inspiration can come from the most unsuspecting things and from people, that’s why music is such an awesome art form.

2.) What is your go to track in a live set? (Don’t say “Levels”…)

My go to track in my live sets has been the Whitney Houston How Will I Know (Van Hooft & Forever Kid Remix) The amazing vocals of Whitney combined with these authentic progressive instrumentals never let the crowd down. I know people will be like how come not levels, calling, spectrum, etc. I feel that playing amazing undiscovered music is so much more exciting and exhilarating for the crowd then the usual top tracks.

3.) Any plans for an upcoming tour? If so, are there any dates that you can announce at the moment?

In regards to a tour, I promised myself this semester I would do little to no shows as I am adjusting to a new college which is Columbia University. The workload is tremendously strenuous so balancing a rigorous tour schedule and an insane workload would probably end up in me dropping out of college ha! Yes i have a few big shows coming up, but my biggest will be in February at The Studio At Webster Hall which will be my 21st birthday concert and proceeds will be going to charity! So keep an eye out for tickets!

4.) You’ve significantly progressed as a producer over the last 6 months. Where do you see yourself in a year from now?

In a year I see myself doing the same damn thing, producing music for me is a hobby and something that is self fulfilling, as much as my music is for my fans, its more for my own enjoyment. Music is a unique art form that allows you to express yourself in so many ways. I love where my hobby is taking me! I can not say exactly what I will doing a year from now, but I can guarantee some amazing music by me will have come out by that point. In regards to shows, yes shows are exciting and fulfilling, but my intention was never to be a touring artist, it was to provide my fellow peers and listeners with quality and unique tunes.

Also I wanted to thank you (YGM) for your continuous support and for spreading the music of very young artists like myself.

Download: Dada Life- “Happy Violence” (WahMaze Remix)

Download: David Guetta- “She Wolf” (WahMaze Remix)

Download: Dirty South and Thomas Gold- “Alive” (WahMaze NYC Remix)

Download: Eva Simons- “I Don’t Like You” (WahMaze Remix)

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