Indie Bands You Should Know: Company Of Thieves

A couple of days ago, on the 12th, I went to see a Jack’s Mannequin show in Huntington. One of the opening bands was the Chicago-based Company Of Thieves. I had never heard of them before that night, so I had no expectations (except that I was hoping that they would live up to their really cool name). They absolutely blew me away. I love discovering new bands and music, so by the end of their first song I had to have been the most excited kid in the audience. Their catchy rock songs leading into guitar solos brought nostalgic memories of seeing classic rock shows with my dad when I was younger. Genevieve Scwartz (the lead singer) has an amazing voice (on top of that shes beautiful), and Marc Walloch (lead guitarist) is such a boss (as you can see pictured in the hat above). In fact, the whole band is super talented and very together musically (excuse me for forgetting to mention Chris Faller, Marcin Sulewski, and Eitan Burnstein). After the show, I even got to meet Genevieve and get a signed CD. Their most popular song released on their last album was “Oscar Wilde” which you may have heard before on rock radio. Their newest album released is Running From A Gamble, which came out in May of 2011. This was the first album I’ve actually purchased in forever, and I seriously recommend you do the same to support good music, so I’m not gonna post any download links here. Buy Running From A Gamble Here.

“Oscar Wilde”-

“Death of Communication”-

“Modern Waste”-

My favorite: “Won’t Go Quietly”

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  1. Dan Hood
    November 21, 2011 at 6:19 PM

    Your post pretty much summed up my exact thoughts when I saw them that night (including that Genevine is beautiful- and seeing her in normal light and up close confirmed that). I hardly knew them before that show (I downloaded a couple of their songs before the show). I got my ticket signed by Genevine, and I also told her how great their performance was (and assured them that they were better than Motion City Soundtrack, who I wasn’t all that impressed with); she seemed very appreciative, and she was really nice. They suffer from Guster syndrome; they’re a really good band that has a couple of well known songs that a lot of people may recognize, but hardly anybody knows who the hell they are.

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