Indie Bands You Should Know: Kevin Devine

Technically, Kevin Devine is not an indie band so much as a singer-songwriter. You’re all gonna have to forgive me though, seeing as the segment is called “Indie Bands You Should Know.” I first heard of Kevin Devine as a member of Bad Books, an indie supergroup that he is a member of along with Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra. So one day, I decided to search his name on YouTube and see what popped up. I listened to the song “Cotton Crush” (where Jesse Lacey sings backing vocals) and was astounded at how brilliantly Kevin was able to combine acoustic songwriting with the noise of punk-rock. I listened to more of his music and discovered that I had actually stumbled across one of my favorite artists in a long time. Check out some of his best songs below.

Cotton Crush

Just Stay


Jason Sloan

I was brought up on a crazy combination of the Spice Girls and Bruce Springsteen... 17 years later, I've shed my Spice Girls roots and grown to love pretty much everything musical under the sun. I got into punk rock when I was 9 and my mom watched Green Day perform "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" on the Grammy's. When I was 12 my mom bought me a book called "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die," and as she puts it, "the monster was born." I got into rap in middle school hearing Eminem's "Lose Yourself," and I got into EDM this year when I head the Albin Myers remix of Avicii's "Fade Into Darkness." I try and go to concerts when I have sufficient time and funds, some of my favorites having been Rise Against and Springsteen (who I've seen three times each). Hope you all enjoy my music as much as I do. 


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