Indie Bands You Should Know: Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra is an AMAZING rock band that doesn’t get anything close to the recognition they deserve. Manchester Orchestra was formed in Atlanta in 2005, consisting of Andy Hull (lead vocals, guitar), Robert Mcdowell (lead guitar), Chris Freeman (keyboard), Jonathan Corley (bass guitar), and Tim Very (drummer). They’ve released 3 albums; I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child in 2006, Means Everything To Nothing in 2009, and Simple Math in May of 2011. Simple Math is an outstanding album. Manchester Orchestra’s consistency is what separates them from the average indie band. Their sound isn’t the soft boring indie kind; it’s real rock music. If you’re a fan of classic rock, 90s grunge or bands like the Foo Fighters, you’ll definitely love Manchester Orchestra.

Watch the video for “Virgin” (my favorite track off Simple Math):

Manchester Orchestra- I’ve Got Friends (their most popular song):

Manchester Orchestra- April Fool

Manchester Orchestra- Pride

iTunes: Manchester Orchestra- Means Everything To Nothing (2009)

iTunes: Manchester Orchestra- Simple Math (2011)


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