Interview with upcoming artist Old Best Friend

Old Best Friend

Old Best Friend performing at the Vibe Lounge in RVC

Last weekend, YGM went to see one of our favorite upcoming indie acts perform in Rockville Centre. Old Best Friend performed their first full-band set that night, and it sounded absolutely awesome (nowhere near what you would expect a bands FIRST show to sound like). There wasn’t the biggest crowd out there for him that night, but with Old Best Friend’s near flawless debut EP and memorable live show that’s sure to change very soon.

Mike Comite of Old Best Friend was nice enough to sit down with us for a interview after the show. Click ‘read more’ to read the interview and see some live footage from the show.

Jason (YGM): How did you get started playing music?

Mike of Old Best Friend: I started playing music with my best friends from home (now killing it in The Venetia Fair) when I was 13. I really wanted to play guitar, but all they needed for our then-band was bass. So I had to pick up the bass, which is just the worst instrument ever…I spent about 8 years on it in different groups, then I realized I could play guitar if I just started my own band.

Jason: We have a close friend who’s a bassist…

Mike: [laughing] Sorry dude, it’s a bad instrument. Get out while you can.

Jason: Who would you say influenced you musically?

Mike: David Bazan. He will go down in music history as a great American songwriter. I loved him in Pedro The Lion and I love his solo stuff now. He’s a great storyteller.

Jason: What are your other favorite bands to listen to?

Mike: My other favorite band right now is called Johnny Foreigner. I don’t think a lot of Americans have heard of them, yet. They’re based out of Birmingham, England. They’re crazy loud brit-punk, just so much noise, and right now my guitar playing is hugely influenced by their guitarist Lex’s style.

Jason: You have the 5 song EP that’s out now, when could we hear some more new music?

Mike: I have a lot of stuff written, but there’s also the financial thing that comes with recording an album. I wish I was super technically-gifted in terms of home recording, but I’m not. So it just takes time to work that money up for days in a studio. But I have a lot of stuff written and I’m itching to get it out. In the meantime I’ll get a nice new microphone, make some acoustic demos, and toss them up online for free. Then you guys can wish there was a full band behind it.

Watch Old Best Friend Perform “Things That Happen” live:

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