Midnight Conspiracy Takes On Webster Hall

Midnight Conspiracy

Heavy Bass producers, Midnight Conspiracy, debuted their “Eye Live – Laser Light & Heavy Bass Experience” in New York City at Webster Hall on November 30.  The show ended later than excepted and as a result we had to leave a bit early since fellow YGM poster, @brak_city, had a wrestling match that same morning.  Although we missed a majority of Midnight’s set, we still got a tease of the the light show and heard the opening few songs from their set.  And let me tell you, the duo really knows how to put on a good show.  They’ve realized that it is more than just the music, which happens to be top notch from the Chicago based act, but it is a combination of the live experience and stage set up.  Who would of thought that a simple eye set up would be crazed over?  The eye along with the laser set up and booming bass heavy music makes up for a must see live show. When talking Mikul Wing from Midnight Conspiracy before hitting stage, he said that the group is going to try to release one new track every month after the new year.  He also exclaimed that they will be touring a lot more when asked about how it has been different after getting signed to Ultra Records. Mikul explained me to me how the eye takes a while to set up as well since the group is made up of the only people who truly know how to get it up.  I’m amazed how independent yet musically inclined these guys are.  Since I can’t truly comment on Midnight Conspiracy’s set in its entirety given that I left early, I’ll just tease you guys with an image below that I spotted on Instagram from the night of the concert.

Now back to the music I actually heard on the 30th. Well Revolvr started off the night and got everyone moving with “Who’s Ready To Jump?”  He later mixed Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in The Wall Pt 2” into his set to get the oldies intrigued and singing.  The rock fused with hard hitting drops resulted in a turnt up crowd.  Sebastien Drums was next up and he did not disappoint.  One of his highlights definitely had to be when he chopped up “N***as In Paris”  and cued “that sh*t cray” before a bass-heavy drop.  He stuck to mostly remixes and bootlegs that I did not recognize, but he definitely kept the set interesting and had people dancing throughout the night.  Midnight closed up the club night with a ton of energy and I’m sure what would of been a memorable set. You can watch YGM footage from the night below.  Also since the holiday season is coming soon listen to Midnight Conspiracy’s Christmas Mashup from last year here.

Be sure to watch the footage in HD, 720p. Enjoy!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KhG6BCP11Q]

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