Mac Miller- You Like to Party? (Nimbus Remix)

Nimbus, a native of Denver, Colorado started off in high school producing hip hop beats for a group called Nimbus & Stratus, which has since split up as they went to different colleges. Now Nimbus is tearing up Vanderbilt doing his own thing and producing remixes of a variety of pop songs. Besides hip-hop, he’s experimenting with different styles and genres including house and dubstep. In this track, Nimbus lays Mac Miller’s verses from “Pittsburgh Kidz Get The Biz” over his own beat, sampling the classic “Sweet Child o’ Mine.”  Like Nimbus on facebook here.


Bonus: Nimbus also remixed “I Love College” recently and the remix gave the single life once again.  The melodic horns and backing drums make up for a great beat.


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