The Internet – “Purple Naked Ladies”

Odd Future has also been melting pot of different influences and ideas so wide ranging and sometimes obscure, that its surprising The Internet, comprised of producer/vocalists Syd The Kyd AKA Frisco TSC and Matt Martians, hadn’t arrived earlier. Drawing from neo-soul, trance and hefty doses of late 90’s/early 2000’s Timbaland/Neptunes production, Purple Naked Ladies is perfect as either and enhancement to or a substitute for a narcotic soaked evening. Tracks like “Gurl” (featuring Pyramid Vritra, aka Hal Williams, Matt Martian’s partner in the Jet Age of Tomorrow) and “Web of Me” are perfect for some wired navel gazing, while a song like “Lincoln”, featuring what would be a scene stealing verse from Mike G if it wasn’t for OF’s multi-talented maverick Left Brain singing the hook sounding like Curtis Mayfield, might give way to some freakish voodoo mama acid dancing if you trill like that. And you could still bump it in the whip.  Hit the jump to read on.

Still, there’s tracks like “Love Song-1” and “Ode to A Dream” featuring valley girl tongued Kilo Kish, that might just be innocent enough to play in front of your mom. So sit down with a bong, a girl, or maybe some juice, and get right with Purple Naked Ladies.

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