Up & Coming: Old Best Friend

old best friendI first heard Old Best Friend a couple of days ago when I saw Mike Comite open up for Company of Thieves and Von Grey at Highline Ballroom. Comite is originally from Boston, and is now living in Brooklyn just writing and performing music. Old Best Friend performed an amazing and memorable set, to the point that he was the artist I was most excited to meet after the show. His music was so interesting to me because even at an acoustic show, I couldn’t figure out exactly what rock sub-genre it fits in. Comite opens his Keep In Touch EP with  the words “I could’ve swore I killed a man last night…”; the song (“Things That Happen”) soon builds into an catchy organ-heavy rock track. “Fire” starts off very folksy,  but then the electric guitar breaks in and ends the song with a punk-rock feel.  “Most Of Me” is a beautiful lyrical ballad, and the 4th track honestly feels like indie-rock meets 1970’s classic rock. The last song “Lines I Lift” is catchy as all hell and might be my favorite track, but its too hard on 5 track EP with no weak songs. I highly urge everyone to check out this EP and if you like it, buy it to help support good music. Also help support Old Best Friend by liking their Facebook page.

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