Upcoming Artist: QuESt (Q & A)

QuESt linked up with me a couple months back through email and I was very much impressed with the music he sent over. I’m a little bit late with this write up, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been bumping his music since the first time I heard from him.  QuESt’s latest offering, Fear Not Failure delivered on all levels.  From his lyricism to production, QuESt knows how to make music that is worth while.  His most recent project played out more as an album than a mixtape. The project flowed well together and most definitely deserves a spot on your iTunes.  QuESt’s flow is unique and he raps over several dope beats on the tape. The Miami MC has a defined sound that is evident on Fear Not FailureThere isn’t one track that I would skip over and I don’t say that often.  Stream the album below.

Complex recently premiered QuESt’s new visual for “I Go, You Go”.  It’s great seeing QuESt get the exposure he deserves.  Watch the music video below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUNFhY9oPlA]

I love getting to know artists that are not only talented, but love what they do.  You can tell through QuESt’s music that he truly enjoys creating music.  On QuESt’s facebook, I saw a status saying;

 I do this for 3 reasons. Because I love this, I want to help others through my voice, and because I genuinely love my supporters.

I was lucky enough to conduct a quick interview with the passionate artist recently that you can view below.

1.)  Describe to us your writing process and recording process?

My recording process is sporadic. Sometimes I’ll know exactly what I need to do and have the song and concept ready to go. Sometimes I’ll start a song very loosely and record rough melodies and ideas and begin to elaborate and piece together things. It all depends on the mood and circumstances in which I’m recording. 

2.)  Who are your biggest inspirations as an artist?

My biggest inspirations as an artist are Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Common, & Nas. Those are my top 5 actually.

3.)  On your latest project, I recognized a lot of dubstep influenced beats, are you a fan of dubstep? What music do you have on your ipod currently?

Absolutely, I’m still learning however. Dubstep wise I’m really getting into Flux Pavillion, always been a Mt.Eden fan, Nero. But on my ipod in general, I’m always listening to Coldplay, Nas, Mos Def, Lupe, Ye, Jay, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Kem, Kendrick Lamar, Logic, the list goes on and on. My music tastes are very all over the place. I love all music. 

4.)  Tell us about some interesting tour experiences.

Tour for me, well being it was my first one, was very interesting. You don’t sleep much, or eat much. You’re always on the road. Experiences can go from being incredible to unfortunate really quick. Somethings I experienced that I thought were interesting was the amount of fans that were so invested in the music. They are truly an inspiration to keep on moving forward with your career. 

5.)  You and Logic are two of the most talented up and coming rappers in the game right now.  How did you guys end up linking up for “Nowhere To Go”?

Thank you man sincerely. Logic actually reached out to me a year ago when I already knew about him and was a fan of his music. It was interesting. We kept in touch over time and I happened to come across a record I wanted him on for my project Fear Not Failure. It was so last minute, but he did his verse sent it back and it became an instant fan favorite. Logic is a good guy, I thank him for that.

6.)  Lastly, what can we expect in the future from QuESt and is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
 Just more music, more videos, more consistency, more everything! And Keep it NEATO = Never Ever Allow The Obscene. Peace to the Neato Nation

QuESt is dropping the music video to a newer song entitled “Chase To Nowhere” on Wednesday at 3pm.  The black and white visual turned out to be dope so be sure to check it out on Wednesday.  Like QuESt on Facebook here and follow him on Twitter here.

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