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I was going through my iTunes the other day and I found a song called “That Night” by Swedish artist named Tjernberg and another artist Steerner. I listened to it and I really enjoyed it. His style reminded me of that of his fellow Swedish countrymen who have reached fame and success the past few years. I decided to contact him through email and fortunately, he responded. He was nice enough to answer some questions so we could feature him in a post!  Hit the jump to check out the short Q&A and listen to two new previews of his upcoming mixes.

Name: Albin Tjernberg

Age/Hometown: 16 years old from Gothenburg, Sweden

How long have you been producing?

I have been producing for two years.

What are some of your upcoming projects and mixes we can look forward to?

Right now, I’m working on a collab with Ehrencrona, a finished mix of my track “Evolve”, and my own bootleg of the Ingrosso and Alesso hit, “Calling.”

What inspired you to become a producer/DJ?
A friend of mine showed me the program FL, and I started to produce some hip-hop. But about one year ago, I decided to do house music. I heard SHM’s “One” and got really inspired and made my first house-track. I was so hooked in the music and I knew I would do everything to continue with it and I know that today too. I am inspired from a lot of things today also. Everything from deadmau5, SHM, DADA, Alesso, Avicii to other genres like rock, and hip-hop. It’s hard to exactly know where you get your inspiration though…just from things that you hear, whatever it is.

Who do you idolize in the EDM industry today?
Avicii…for sure. He’s so successful for his age. The way he keeps his tracks so simple is amazing. This combined with his melodies make a sick combo. Sound-wise, I’m inspired greatly by Axwell, Alesso, and Nause.

Tjernberg is young but extremely talented. We will continue to post his tracks and hopefully, you guys will support him. Like Tjernberg on Facebook and check out the previews provided below! The first is a preview to his track called “Evolve” and the second is a track I’m really excited about, a preview his own bootleg of “Calling.”

Preview: Evolve


Preview: Calling “Lose My Mind” Tjernberg Bootleg

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