Vince Staples – Shyne Coldchain Volume 1.

For those of you that follow Odd Future, the name Vince Staples should only bring about good memories. He’s stolen the show on several OF/OF affiliated tracks and is poised to become a major name in the underground if he stays this consistent. In fact, his only real peer lyrically is Earl Sweatshirt himself, with whom he rapped alongside on Earl’s classic “epaR”. Vince raps in a wheezy deadpan and his lyrics are chock full of bitter hood stories and laced with teenage angst and gun fetishism.  Hit the jump to read on and download the mixtape.

The tape is mostly produced by Snub Nose Frank AKA Frankenstein, who made a name for himself with 2011’s Rappin Ass Nigga tape, and it’s filled with the type of West Coast synth layering that would make DJ Quik proud. The tape also features beats from Stoney, Raider Klan/Spaceghostpurrp affiliated Key Nyata, Clayton Samus, and production wonderkid Michael Uzowuru, whose been making a name for himself on the West Coast by producing for Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Speak!, etc. It features verses/tracks from Speak!, Odd Future’s own Mike G, Ska La Fare, and Kilo Kish.

Download: Vince Staples – Shyne Coldchain Volume 1.

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