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Talib Kweli- “Distractions” Music Video

Talib Kweli debuted this song at Occupy Wall Street a while back, and now we have the full mp3 version. Look out for Prisoner of Consciousness dropping in 2012. Update: The official video for “Distractions” just dropped, check it out above. Download: Talib Kweli- “Distractions” Complex

Submission: Devine Carama- “The Populist Pulpit”

Take a listen to just one of Devine Carama’s songs and you know that he has a future ahead of him. Take the video above for “The Populist Pulpit” for example: a dope Kanye West-style sample, an short intro of Michael Eric Dyson talking about poverty and morality, and true lyricism by Devine Carama himself.…