Down With Webster – Exclusive Interview, Concert Review, & Live Footage

YGM + Down With Webster

A couple of nights ago, YGM went to Santos Party House NYC to see Down With Webster perform and get an interview. The band completely blew us away, putting on one of the most high energy shows we’ve seen in a while. We even got to sit down for an exclusive interview with Bucky & Cam of DWW.

Hit “Read More” for the exclusive interview, concert review, and live footage of the show.

Upon hearing about this concert last month, me and Raffi did our research on Down With Webster. The 6 piece genre-blending band is based out of Toronto, signed to Universal Motown, and is HUGE in Canada; their recently released album Time To Win Vol. 2 reached #9 on the Canadian Albums Chart. They’ve received recognition from the likes of Timbaland and Gene Simmons, before signing to Universal in 2009. They’ve been nominated for numerous awards and taken home a handful by The Juno Awards, The MuchMusic Video Awards, and The Canadian New Media Awards.

This show completely changed our perspective on Down With Webster. Prior to the concert, we liked DWW’s music and respected them as up and comers, but there was a real change in my opinions on them after that night. Down With Webster’s energy and stage presence was so refreshing; you could tell they really wanted to be there. The crowd was minimal (way too minimal for the talent this group has), but Down With Webster somehow managed to get them all moving and having a good time, which was extremely impressive.

If your aware of Down With Webster’s music, you know that they are a conglomerate of rap, rock, and even electro, yet they make it work so well. I’ve been attending a lot of rap concerts recently, and this show made me remember what I was missing. Down With Webster’s live show combined what I love about hip-hop with the raw energy of a rock concert. Literally everyone in this audience was into it; they made us all forget that it was a late Wednesday night. Down With Webster put on an amazing performance, converting both me and Raffi into huge fans.

Be sure to buy Time To Win, Vol. 2 today.


Prior to the show, I sat down for an interview with Cam and Bucky of Down With Webster. Check it out below:

Live Videos

Just so you can get an idea of the ridiculous amount of energy Down With Webster brought into Santos Party House, check out this video:

Down With Webster- “Big Wheels”

Down With Webster- “She’s Dope”

I apologize, my camcorder ran out of battery so the rest of the footage was taken with a flip camera and the sound didn’t end up being the best…

Down With Webster- “Whoa Is Me”

Down With Webster- “Go Time”

Down With Webster- “Royalty” (Watch The Premier Of The Official Music Videon on Billboard)


Future Tour Dates

Down With Webster in Allentown February 3, 2012 Crocodile Rock Cafe – Cafe Under, Allentown
Down With Webster in Lancaster February 4, 2012 Chameleon, Lancaster
Down With Webster in Philadelphia February 6, 2012 North Star Bar, Philadelphia
Down With Webster in Pittsburgh February 8, 2012 Smiling Moose, Pittsburgh
Down With Webster in Columbus February 9, 2012 A & R Music Bar, Columbus
Down With Webster in Pontiac February 10, 2012 Pike Room, Pontiac
Down With Webster in Chicago February 11, 2012 Schubas Tavern, Chicago
Down With Webster in Madison February 12, 2012 The Loft, Madison
Down With Webster in Minneapolis February 13, 2012 Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis
Down With Webster in Seattle February 28, 2012 El Corazon, Seattle

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