Macklemore ‘The Heist’ Tour- 11/8 @ The Masquerade in Atlanta

Thursday Night, I had the pleasure of seeing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Live for the first time. The show was at the Masquerade in Atlanta, in front of a sold out crowd of over 1000 fans. The venue very much reminded me of Webster Hall in NYC. I knew that the duo were a great musical talent, however, I did not anticipate the energy of their performance, which rivaled (if not matched) that of an Odd Future show. At one point in the show, Macklemore was stand-up crowd surfing while Ryan Lewis hung from the 15 foot rafters above the middle of the crowd (see picture). Later, Lewis took to the top of the speakers and stage dove into the moshpit below. It was pure insanity coupled with great, meaningful music. The Seattle, WA natives played all of their greatest hits, including ‘Same Love’, ‘Thrift Shop’, ‘Wings’, ‘Can’t Hold Us’, ending with a double encore of ‘And We Danced’ and ‘Irish Celebration’. It is currently 12 noon the next day, and I still am having trouble hearing, caused by both the incredible bass and the roars of the crowd. I know Macklemore has a show in NYC on 11/21, my advice is to get your ticket NOW.

Also worthy of note was Dee-1, the opener for Macklemore on this night. Based out of New Orleans, the rapper was a Middle School math teacher just 2 years ago. He engaged the crowd right off the bat, allowing a fan to freestyle a verse on stage, and had allowed my friend Michael Dix (aka DJ Hoobs) on stage to dance. Additionally, Dee-1 has performed alongside nationally touring acts such as Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, and The Roots.
I would like to thank my girl Ilene for the pictures, follow her on Twitter @eyeleannn 
YGM, once again, it’s been real
Go ‘Dawgs

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