Squadda B-Back Sellin Crack

Back $ellin Crack Cover Art

Main Attrakionz and the rest of their Green Hova crew have made a name for themselves this past year with their spacey production and breezy yet not devoid of emotion lyrics, now known as “Cloud Rap”. Just yesterday, while everyone was spending time with their family, the half of Main Attrakionz known as Sqaudda B dropped his second solo outing, the Back Selling Crack mixtape.

Featuring guests like insane person/rapper of the year Danny Brown, fellow Main Attrakionz soldier Mondre M.A.N, and Green Hova’s resident double-time spitter Shady Blaze, as well as production from Nem270, YS, Juney June, and Squadda himself. For those familiar with his work, this is another excellent tape full of glitchy samples, moments of humble inspiration, and lots of stoned metaphors. For those new to the sound, check out past releases on their band camp. It’s almost all for free.

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  1. art vandelay
    January 10, 2014 at 11:43 AM

    green hova lmao

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