Submission: J.Nolan- ‘Time Machine’

Just when I was about to call it a night, J. Nolan’s new track appeared in my inbox. The production is done by oriJanus x Tuelv. I heard that Ye sample, g.o.o.d. music son.  Don’t sleep on this.

New promo single from J.Nolan. “Time Machine” is also the first co-production effort from oriJanus and Tuelv. J.Nolan’s EP, The Archetype will be out on 1/16/2012 and the first single will be out on 1/3, GOD willing. Much love and respect to everyone that’s supported our music this year. Please continue to support and we’ll do our best to make 2012 an even more progressive one. Happy Holidays. ^_^

DISTINCTION will be out next Spring.


Download: J.Nolan- ‘Time Machine’

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