TomorrowWorld 2013 Announced

Many of you guys have heard of the legendary festival TomorrowLand, which is held in Belgium every summer. Now, TomorrowWorld has been announced. TomorrowWorld will take place September 27th to the 29th in Atlanta, Georgia. You must register in order to get tickets so check the links below for information on ticket sales. As the description for the video says, “People of Tomorrowland, we welcome you to our second home…TomorrowWorld.” Again, this event will be insane so make sure you get your tickets early. Stay tuned for more information on TomorrowWorld.


Global Journey Ticket Sale starts April 24, 11AM EST
USA Ticket Sale starts April 27, 11AM EST
Worldwide Ticket Sale starts May 4, 11AM EST
Registration for Ticket Sale is required. Start registration: March 20


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