Indie Bands You Should Know: GROUPLOVE

I hear a lot of different Indie bands with catchy songs on the radio, and every time I hear one I like to give their whole album a listen. It is very rare that one of those bands has a listenable album all the way through; GroupLove is an extreme exception. Not only is their album listenable AND really enjoyable throughout, their debut EP is as well. You may have heard their wildly popular song “Colours” on Madden or FIFA ’12, or (my favorite) “Tongue Tied” on the Apple commercial or Alt Nation. If you liked these songs I highly recommend buying their album Never Trust A Happy Song. Never Trust A Happy Song is completely consistent, which is surprising to see for any upcoming band; GroupLove has their sound perfected and it works beautifully.

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GroupLove is based out of Los Angeles, and has 5 members: Christian Zucconi (lead vocals, guitars), Hannah Hooper (vocals, keyboards), Andrew Wessen (guitars, vocals), Ryan Rabin (drums), and Sean Gadd (bass). Their debut EP GROUPLOVE was released in 2010, and their debut album Never Trust A Happy Song was released in September of 2011. The album is a gem; I can listen to it all the way through and not hear one song I hate. Some of my favorites on the album are “Tongue Tied”, “Naked Kids”, “Slow”, and “Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten”.

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“Tongue Tied” (Official Music video)




*”Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten”*

Check out the music video for GroupLove’s hit song “Colours”

Check out GroupLove performing “Tongue Tied” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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